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Trio de Salsa - Our selection of three delicious house made dips with corn chips  9  gf v

Causa Limeña (Peru)  Two beautifully layered creamy chicken and turmeric infused potato stacks, with red pepper and corn, topped with fresh avocado, served cold   14  gf df

Cassava (Brazil)  Fried yuca chips served with house made aioli   9  gf df v

Pão de queijo (Brazil)  Baked parmesan cheese buns (4) served with sea salt and homemade smoked butter 14  gf

Cevichè Classico (Peru)  Citrus cured Hiramasa Kingfish with sweet potato, red onion, chili, shallots & capsicum 17  gf df

Cevichè en Coco (Chile)  Coconut cream infused kingfish with shallots, mango and freshly sliced chili, cured in lime juice   18  gf df


Chicharron de Pollo (Dominican Republic)  Fried spicy chicken wings (4) with a red cabbage & apple salad. Served with jalapeño mayo  15  gf df

Torresmo (Brazil)  Crispy fried pork belly served with home made tomato relish  16  gf df

Maiz Callejero (Peru)  Grilled Corn Pieces (4) served ‘street style’ topped with aji verde salsa and feta cheese  14  gf,v

Cachapas (Venezuela)  Delicious cheese and sweet corn fritters (4) served over apple, cabbage and jalapeño aioli  14  gf,v

Chili Rellenos (Mexico)  Fried Jalapenos stuffed with rich cream cheese and cooked until golden brown   9  v

Sweet Potato Fries  Sweet potato chips served with sea salt and sour cream  10  gf


Ensalada Banano (Venezuela) Banana & hazelnut salad, mescalin leaf, mango, shallot & with a sour cream dressing  15   gf,v

Ensalada de Quinoa (Chilè) Quinoa salad stack served with cherry tomatoes and cucumber over mescalin leaf and pickled salad  16   gf df v

Pollo Casado (Costa Rica) A light plate of quarter roasted chicken, garlic infused rice, salad, beans and fried plantains  17 gf

Bauru (Brazil) An open toasted steak sandwich served with salad, pickled cucumber and fries  16

Palta Rellena (Peru) A whole stuffed avocado topped with shredded chicken, corn, green peas & carrot, dressed in creamy mayonnaise 18  gf df

Champinones Rellenos (Argentina) Roasted Mushrooms stuffed with chorizo, thyme and manchego cheese   16  gf

Empanadas Vegetarianas (Bolivia)  Vegetarian Empanadas. Pastry parcels filled with a spicy mix of sweet potato, peas, lentils and chili  16   v

Hamburguesa (Colombia) Classic Burger with beef patty, melted cheese, mescalin leaf, tomato and onion chili jam with aioli on a lightly toasted bun. Served with fries  16

Picañha (Brazil)  Tender beef rump cooked medium rare served with seasonal green leaves and sides of farofa and tomato & onion salsa 19  gf df


Feijoada (Brazil)  Brazilian Stew of smoky black beans and bacon with morsels of chorizo and beef. Served with warm rice, farofa and tomato & onion salsa 16  gf

Pimento Relleno (Peru)  Roasted Pepper stuffed with black beans, tomato, rice, avocado and mozzarella cheese  18  gf v

Hornado (Ecuador)  Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder Slices, served with llapingachos potato, sweet fried plantains and pickled salad  24  

El Pescado (Peru)  Pan Fried Kingfish on a bed of aji infused potatoes, topped with a mango and corn salsa, served with sautéed greens  28   gf df

Pollo a la Brasa (Peru)  Blackened half chicken, grilled, served with garlic infused rice and fresh local greens finished with capsicum coulis 27   gf df

El Cordereo (Chilè)  Chargrilled lamb rump, sautéed chili potato, seasonal green vegetables, chimichurri and roast meat jus  34   gf df

Asado de Costilla de Res (Argentina/Brazil)  A single beef short rib in a chili honey glaze, slow cooked for 5 hours and served with smoky feijoada beans, chorizo and garlic infused rice  28  gf

Churrasco (Brazil)  A Meaty Grilled Platter of medium rare rump steak, charred chorizo and crispy pork skewer. Served with a house salad, cassava and home made salsa  35  gf df

We endeavour to cater for food intolerances, however if you have a serious medical food allergy (eg: nuts, coeliac) we advise you not to eat in our restaurant as we cannot guarantee any meal is 100% free of a specific food type. Our menu does not list every ingredient, please ask if you require more information.

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